Nori Sawa - Visiting Professor

In 1991 Nori Sawa met the legendary Czech puppet theatre director Prof. Josef Krofta at a puppetry festival in France and decided to quit his job as an art teacher in Japan to study with him at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU).  With support from the Cultural Ministry of Japan, he relocated to Prague and after graduation, began to teach and lead workshops himself at DAMU, London Puppetry School, the University of Chicago, Stanford University and other internationally renowned institutions.  Nori Sawa is based in Prague, but has performed in more than 25 countries.   He is a regular guest at various festivals (including ANIMO) and workshops in Europe, Asia and Americas.  Last year he performed his one-man show Fairy Tales at the Chicago Humanities Festival. His work fuses the Japanese Bunraku tradition with Czech/European approaches to puppet theater. Nori has also developed solo interpretations of classic plays of Shakespeare such as Macbeth and King Lear.  He is member of the International Union of Puppetry (UNIMA).